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The Moscow Kremlin View
The Moscow Kremlin View

Citizens' Appeals
citizens' right to address: art. 33
Constitutional Court
Constitutional Court's power: art. 125
judge's status: art. 121
Constitutional System
Constitutional Court of Russian Federation: art. 125
Federal Assembly: ch. 5
Government of the Russian Federation: ch. 6
President of the Russian Federation: ch. 4
citizenship: art. 6
demarcation of objects of jurisdiction: art. 11
federal structure: ch. 3
fundamentals of constitutional system of Russian Federation: ch. 1
integral economic space of Russian Federat.: art. 8
judicial power: ch. 7
local self-government: ch. 8
realization of state power: art. 10
rights and liberties of man and citizen: ch. 2
symbolics of Russian Federation: art. 70
supremacy of Constitution, federal laws: art. 4.2
supreme juridical force of Constitution: art. 15
Councellor for Defence
right to qualified legal assistance: art. 48
Criminal Liability
immunity: art. 91, art. 122
inviolability: art. 122, art. 91

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